7 Secrets Revealed About Big Box Store Floor Coverings

7 Secrets Revealed

About Big Box Store Floor Coverings

  1. Big Box Stores change the sku numbers & product names of many of the products they sell to make it very difficult (if not impossible) for shoppers to compare with similar products from a local business.  That is one way they can offer a “low price guarantee”.   If the manufacturer renames a product specifically and exclusively for that big box store then of course nobody can match that exact named product.
  2. Big Box Stores outsource their installation labor so it may not be as personable and responsive.  Normally the small local business owner survives and thrives only by giving exceptional service so it is critical for them that their installation crews are the best.
  3. Big Box Stores sometimes have very knowledgeable sales people and sometimes not so good.  Sometimes if you are in the store more than once about your project you may get the same sales agent and sometimes not.  In most cases, the local business owner is very involved in every aspect of the transaction and since his (or her) business is so connected to the community they are able to give a much more personal touch.
  4. Big Box Stores may sometimes use questionable sales techniques such as the lure of  a “Free Installation” promotion.  Have you ever wondered how they get the installation crews to work for Free?  Of course you and I know there is no such thing as Free in this circumstance.  The price is in there.  It’s just covered in some other part of the pricing.
  5. Big Box Stores sometimes have very good pricing on the basic product such as carpet, but then over charge for the add ons such as the padding.  The end result is that many times the total cost from the big box store may be equal to or more than the equivalent total job cost from the local business owner.
  6. Big Box Stores have such a large customer base that you are really relegated to being just a number.  The sales associate may treat you well individually, but in the bigger picture, you are still just a statistic.  After all,  for the big box store it is all a matter of beating last year’s numbers.
  7. The biggest secret of all is that even though the big box store has the big advertising budgets and a lot of walk in traffic, in most cases you can get more for you dollar from the local small business owner.  But don’t take my word for this last secret.  Prove it to yourself.  Take the challenge.


These are just a few of the areas that you should look at before making a decision on which is a better shopping decision for you.  You should take into account as many variables as you can before you sign on the dotted line.  One thing I would strongly suggest is to talk to the local business merchant and offer him (or her) the opportunity to present his case as to why you should do business with him.  In fact let me challenge you to this test.

Shop at the big box store and get their best price and timing for installation.  Find out all the details you can including all of the materials and warranties etc.  Get a sample of the product you are purchasing including such things as the carpet and the padding.  Next call your local business owner and let him give you a price on the total project using the same quality products.  I think you will be amazed that the local business owner will almost always give you a better value for your dollar.  After that you make your decision and know that you have done your due diligence.